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Leadership development

Leadership, what this and what distinction meanwhile to be the manager and to be the leader?. Leadership definitions, are not present any definition about which all agree. Manfred Kets de Vris, the professor in INSEAD, says that leadership – “a set of features, samples of behaviour, individuality signs” which does certain people by more effective at achievement of the purpose of a set or the purpose.
Other way to describe leadership consists in telling that to pull out best of people, people, commands, the organisations, they should be conducted, cope, are convinced, motivirovany, inspired to be transferred, to use the best efforts, co-operate, to reach an overall aim. It, instead of the pure approach of that “management” to be told, directed, ordered, and considered as subordinates.
True leaders are recognised as being the leader, and their followers recognise that they should cope that leader, but they do not feel that they are simple subordinates. A good example – the captain of a team – hockey, baseball, netbol, cricket, football, football, track and field athletics – they are people, which have a separate role to play, nevertheless to find time and ways to motivate and encourage others to make all efforts, to use own separate skills, knowledge and experience (scoring goals, protection, winning races, making attacks home runs), at the same time co-operating as the member of team to reach the command purposes.
There are other ways to define leadership, managers carry out transactions, and leaders cause transformations.
The business manager influences others, addressing to a personal interest, first of all through an exchange of awards and services. Relations between this type of the manager and the follower are noticed as a number of rational exchanges which allow everyone to reach their own purposes. Business managers deliver all ideas and use awards as their primary source of the power. Followers carry out the leader when it is in their own interests – relations proceed, while the award is desirable to the follower, and both the manager and the follower see an exchange as a way to reach their own ends.
The transformatsionnyj leader inspires followers to not, only act predictably, but also to exceed expectations – transformatsionnye leaders force followers to work for the purposes which go out of a direct personal interest where that is correct and good, becomes important – these leaders transform requirements, values, preference and aspirations of followers. They do it so that interests of wider group have replaced a personal interest of people within that group.
It is interesting that research has shown that the way which leaders of women as they behave, describe leadership, corresponds transformatsionnomu to style whereas the majority of leaders of a male, describing them directly uses words and phrases which describe an official style. Certainly there are exceptions, and in some situations the leader can considered in another way various groups. It is a lot of people in Great Britain would not describe Margaret Thatcher as transformatsionnuyu in style, but more possibly they will use words such as dictatorial, imperious, going roughshod on opponents, nevertheless another, in its close command for example, to describe it as charismatic, motivational, inspired, kind, favourable.
We can see from this sight at Leadership that there are various ways to describe that the leader does and as, at least to some extent, it variously how the manager behaves. People recognised, as leaders do it obvious that there are big distinctions in a way which certain leaders behave. On a surface there are big distinctions between style of leadership of the Prime minister Thatcher, and that from the Indian industrialist Redzhiva Bedzhedja. Nevertheless both are widely recognised as very successful leaders. The general factor, it seems, that all in a condition to convince others to follow them to reach success in their specific area. All of them have something that reconciles various people to work as a command, to aspire and work hard, to reach an overall aim. It – is possible, special talent, either feature, or line of individuality, or coincidence of circumstances which they find independently in, or probably combination all of them. Probably leaders are born with this ability, it is possible – something that can be, or should be, is studied.

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